Saturday, March 3, 2018

Free eBook on Depression (Kindle, ePub, PDF)

Dear Readers,

I have updated the free eBook on depression written from a Christian perspective, which is available on this blog, Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled.  It is available in Kindle, ePub and PDF formats.

Feel free to share your copy with anyone you feel may benefit from reading it.

Just click on the appropriate link to download:

This book is a collection of the articles from my blog, Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, where I share my recovery from depression. The book’s purpose is to offer practical advice and words of comfort to those suffering from depression and anxiety, in the hope of helping them to cope with depression and speed them on the path to recovery. The book has been written from a Christian perspective.


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    1. Thanks Wayne, lovely to hear from you again ,
      God bless

  2. Hi Peter,

    My name is Ben and I am from Norwich in the uk. For a long time now I have been using your blog and felt I didn't want to keep taking from it without saying thank you. I am currently having my daily quiet time in the bathroom but outside I can hear my wife and daughter do the washing up and I feel just so blessed. I guess you probably can't understand just what a profound effect your blog has had on me and how specifically God has used you to help me overcome a lifetime of living on the edge of nervousness and anxiety. Four years ago a depression took hold of me and for the next three years I worked through it, returning to your blog for support, comfort and practical advice. In these last few years I have found an amazing Godly wife and three weeks ago we had our first baby Emilia. I honestly don't think I would of had good enough mental health to do those things without Gods ministry through you blog.

    It is a brave thing you have done, putting your whole life for those years online through your journals. I am glad you were the pioneer and not me, that I had someone to read about who had gone through such difficult things and come out so much better than before.

    Btw I have read your ebook several times and self help for your nerves, this was just the no nonsense(very Australian), pragmatic book that I needed to teach me about how I respond to stress and anxiety.

    I don't know where you currently are with your mental health. But I know mine is very much better because of you.

    God Bless You.

    Ben Pearson